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Will Reagan & United Pursuit - Simple Gospel

Will Reagan & United Pursuit - Simple Gospel
Artist:Will Reagan & United Pursuit
Title:Simple Gospel
Description:This live worship album is different from the large arena/church albums you are probably used to. Instead, it was recorded over 2 nights in an old warehouse with the band set up in the round in the middle surrounded by the crowd. Their goal was to capture the intimate feel of their weekly worship gatherings. The instrumentation of acoustic guitars, a clean electric guitar, drums, bass, piano & cello makes the sound much more intimate.
Songs: 1.Head To The Heart 2.Your Love Changes Everything 3.Simple Gospel 4.Met By Love 5.You're All Around Me (Spontaneous) 6.Let It Happen 7.Seasons Change 8.Since Your Love 9.Never Going Back 10.Hidden
Price: $22.00
Condition:Brand New