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Jonathan & Melissa Helser - On The Shores

Jonathan & Melissa Helser - On The Shores
Artist:Jonathan & Melissa Helser
Title:On The Shores
Description:Jonathan & Melissa Helser recently joined the Bethel Music Artist Collective, bringing with them a rich history of passionate worship. Their lives, ministry & music are a response to their encounters with the love of God. As worship leaders, songwriters & teachers, they have given their lives to disciple a generation & host God's presence.
Songs: 1.On The Shores 2.Love Song 3.Faith Is Rising 4.Wrecking Ball 5.Explode My Soul 6.Earth Like Heaven 7.Redemption Rain 8.Threshing Floor 9.Just One 10.Empty My Soul 11.Abba 12.Endless Oceans
Price: $22.00
Condition:Brand New