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Life Worship - Through The Fire

Life Worship - Through The Fire
Artist:Life Worship
Title:Through The Fire
Description:Since it begun, Life Worship has sought to live out their mission statement: 'To impact & change our generation with the reality of Jesus' Since their first album (For Freedom) the team has had many ups & downs. From cancer, to head-on car crashes, their journey through life is reflected in the songs. What does it actually sound like to have a song in the valley of the shadow? What is the confession that comes in times of fire? This album is unique in that the songs have been born not out of an idea of what fire & hardship are like, but out of being in the very middle of those circumstances. It will inspire you to fix your eyes on Jesus & encourage your spirit to get up & go again.
Songs: 1.Dance Through The Fire 2.Unbreakable 3.New Day 4.Revive 5.He Is Called 6.Hallowed Be 7.Constant 8.The Fire Within 9.Eternal Hope 10.Redemption Came 11.Promises 12.Another Day 13.Revive (Live) 14.Dance Through The Fire / At The Name (Live) 15.New Day (Live)
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