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Jonathan Thulin - Science Fiction

Jonathan Thulin - Science Fiction
Artist:Jonathan Thulin
Title:Science Fiction
Description:The 3rd full-length release from Jonathan Thulin is another refreshing blast of his creative, original music style, featuring 12 energetic tracks blending hiphop, rock & electronic sounds. Science Fiction features guest vocals from Manwell of Group 1 Crew, Derek Minor, Moriah Peters & others.
Songs: 1.Prelude 2.Time Traveler 3.Jekyll & Hyde (With Rapture Ruckus) 4.Compass (With Manwell Reyes) 5.Science Fiction 6.Hat Trick (With Derek Minor) 7.Cry Wolf 8.Fountain (With Tauren Wells) 9.6 Feet Under 10.Mockingbird (With Kevin Max, Shine Bright Baby) 11.The Ruins (With Moriah Peters) 12.The Theory
Price: $20.00
Condition:Brand New