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Jon Foreman - Fall & Winter CD

Jon Foreman  - Fall & Winter CD
Artist:Jon Foreman
Title:Fall & Winter CD
Description:Filling the gap between Five Score & the next Switchfoot release, frontman Jon Foreman offers this first installment of seasonally-titled EPs. The Fall & Winter EPs each include 6 brand new songs showcasing a softer side of the established songwriter's repertoire.
Songs: 1.The Cure For Pain 2.Southbound Train 3.Lord Save Me From Myself 4.Equally Skilled 5.The Moon Is A Magnet 6.Why Love Goes Free 7.Learning How To Die 8.Behind Your Eyes 9.Somebody's Baby 10.White As Snow 11.I Am Still Running 12.In Love
Price: $10.00
Condition:Brand New