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Jesus Culture - Consumed CD/DVD

Jesus Culture - Consumed CD/DVD
Artist:Jesus Culture
Title:Consumed CD/DVD
Description:This intense worship album will set your heart on fire for God, as Jesus Culture takes anointed worship to another level! This is a band that knows when to leave behind words & just let the music free, encouraging listeners to worship in their own words. Of course, there are lots of beautiful vocals too, led by Kim Walker-Smith & Chris Quilala. DVD also includes Kristene Mueller-Dimarco singing 'St. Francis' Live as a Bonus.
Songs: 1.Heaven Is Here - Kim Walker-Smith 2.Burning Ones - Chris Quilala 3.Holding Nothing Back - Melissa How 4.Revelation Song - Kim Walker-Smith 5.Dance With Me - Chris Quilala 6.Light Of Your Face - Kim Walker-Smith 7.Holy - Kim Walker-Smith 8.You Are Faithful - Kim Walker-Smith 9.Oh Lord You're Beautiful - Melissa How 10.Obsession - Chris Quilala
Media:CD & DVD
Price: $20.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap