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DC Talk - Greatest Hits CD & DVD

DC Talk - Greatest Hits CD & DVD

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Artist:DC Talk
Title:Greatest Hits CD & DVD
Description:Throughout various stages of group & solo endeavours, the impact the members of dcTalk have had on Christian music is undeniable. Their pioneering blend of rock & hiphop with Christian themes set them apart from bands of the day, creating an entirely new genre for millions of music fans wanting something fresh. This 16 track CD & 11 track DVD collection includes some of their biggest hits.
Songs: 1.Jesus Freak 2.Say The Words (Now) 3.Colored People 4.Jesus Is Just Alright 5.Between You & Me 6.Mind's Eye 7.Consume Me 8.My Will 9.In The Light 10.Socially Acceptable 11.Luv Is A Verb 12.Supernatural 13.The Hardway 14.Godsend 15.What If I Stumble? 16.Red Letters


18.DVD Includes...


20.Jesus Freak

21.The Hardway

22.Between You & Me

23.Mind's Eye

24.Consume Me

25.Colored People

26.Luv Is A Verb

27.My Friend (So Long)

28.Jesus Is Just Alright

29.My Will

30.Since I Met You

Media:CD & DVD
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Condition:Brand New