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DVD'S - Movies - Documentary - No Greater Love DVD

DVD'S - Movies - Documentary - No Greater Love DVD
Artist:DVD'S - Movies - Documentary
Title:No Greater Love DVD
Description:Jeff & Heather were the 'Lucky ones', they were inseparable soul mates. Over time however, Jeff became a workaholic & Heather felt the neglect. After the birth of their son Ethan & with Jeff never around, Heather fell into a deep depression. In a moment of despair, Heather made the life-altering decision to leave Jeff for the night & never returned. After police searches, missing person's reports & endless efforts to find her she was gone. Ten years later, life has moved on. Jeff is on the verge of proposing to his girlfriend & Ethan has grown into a well-adjusted 11 year old. While not forgotten, Heather is but distant memory for Jeff & no memory at all for Ethan. Jeff is befriended by Dave & after striking up a friendship, they learn that their sons are baseball teammates. With summer break approaching, Dave encourages Jeff to allow Ethan to come to 'Kids Fest', a fun week-long kid's summer event at Dave's church. Ambivalent toward God & church, but feeling that Kids Fest would be, if nothing else, a good babysitter, Jeff accepts. Ethan has a blast & on the final day, Jeff & Katie are persuaded to attend a brief show & it is there that Jeff receives the monumental shock of his life. Heather, who is now a committed Christian, is one of the Kids Fest helpers! Jeff is forced to wrestle with forgiveness, reconciliation & the irresistible grace of God. Region 0
Price: $18.00
Condition:Brand New