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Sho Baraka - Talented Xth CD

Sho Baraka - Talented Xth CD
Artist:Sho Baraka
Title:Talented Xth CD
Description:The 3rd album from 116 Clique founding member Sho Baraka is an adventurous set of conscious Christian hip hop originals, featuring guest work from Theory Hazit, Tedashii & Suzy Rock. This 16 track collection pushes the boundaries of Christian music with adventurous beats & cutting edge rhyme styles.
Songs: 1.Chapter 1: Bethesda 2.Chapter 2: Michael 3.Chapter 3: Get Happy Intermission 4.Chapter 4: Mahalia 5.Chapter 5: Mrs... 6.Chapter 6: Ali 7.Chapter 7: Denzel 8.Chapter 8: Madoff 9.Chapter 9: Jim Crow 10.Chapter 10: Peter Pan 11.Chapter 11: Cliff & Claire 12.Chapter 12: ME! 13.Chapter 13: King 14.Chapter 14: Nicodemus 15.Epilogue Part 1: Hello Change 16.Epilogue Part 2: KJPJ
Price: $17.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap