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Flame - The 6th

Title:The 6th
Description:The 6th is the title of this Flame album for two reasons. First, because this is Flame's 6th album & secondly because the project explores the 6th day of creation when God created man. The 6th is a study of anthropology (the study of mankind) from a Christian perspective, each element represents a crucial aspect of the personality of humanity. All this over the musical landscape of Hip Hop & Pop.
Songs: 1.Try Me 2.6th Day 3.Great Deception 4.Show Out 5.Trap Money 6.Man 7.Caught In The Lights 8.He Did It Again 9.Scripture Alone 10.Running 11.Against The World 12.Devil's Bread Intro 13.Devil's Bread 14.Christ Alone 15.Let Go
Released:2012-03-06 00:00:00.0
Price: 15.0
Condition:Brand New