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Delirious? - The Farewell Show - Blu-ray Disc

Delirious? - The Farewell Show - Blu-ray Disc
Title:The Farewell Show - Blu-ray Disc
Description:5000 fans were wedged into the Apollo Theatre, ready to see history get made as a 17 year voyage of worship discovery drew to a close. This was the final gig for Delirious & there could hardly have been a better celebration of all that God has done through this band. Also includes On The Road The Farewell Tour & The Final Interview & more!

1.The Farewell Show

2.All This Time 3.Bliss 4.Solid Rock 5.Sanctify 6.Obsession 7.Rain Down 8.Deeper 9.Paint The Town Red 10.Inside Outside 11.Majesty 12.Our God Reigns 13.Investigate 14.History Maker 15.My Soul Sings


17.DVD Extras

18.Cutting Edge Show

19.Not Ashamed

20.Happy Song

21.Shout To The North

22.Thank You For Saving Me

23.I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

24.Find Me In The River

25.Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?

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Presentation:Blu-ray Disc