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Lara Landon - Overcome

Lara Landon  - Overcome
Artist:Lara Landon
Description:Lara is clearly in love with Jesus & how these songs convey her relationship in these songs is truly inspiring & convicting. These songs are meant to be experienced in order as they take the listener on an emotional journey from a place of confronting our humanity & weakness, to being encouraged. The end of the album is all about victory & empowerment. Her remarkable singing voice & her interesting music & lyrics are truly captivating.
Songs: 1.Better For The Breaking 2.Falling 3.Defenseless 4.The Storm 5.Leah 6.Closer Than You Know 7.The River 8.Look East 9.I Want You 10.I See God In You 11.Overcome 12.The Spirit Of The Lord
Price: $12.00
Condition:Brand New