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Kristene DiMarco (nee Mueller From Bethel) - Safe Place

Kristene DiMarco (nee Mueller From Bethel) - Safe Place
Artist:Kristene DiMarco (nee Mueller From Bethel)
Title:Safe Place
Description:Kristene DiMarco is a singer-songwriter who has devoted her life to spending time with God in the unseen place. Her passionate worship inspires believers of all ages to pursue the heart of God in a deeper way. Kristene is a featured worship leader at Jesus Culture Conferences, The Call, God TV & Justice House of Prayer San Francisco for many years. She is a prophetic voice for her generation who carries a strong anointing for intimacy & encounter through worship.
Songs: 1.Awaken 2.Believer 3.Deanna's Song 4.Holly Dear 5.Hope 6.Limitless 7.Lonely Carpenter 8.Paint Me A Picture 9.Safe Place 10.Say Goodbye 11.This Is How I Know
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Condition:Brand New