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Mark Harris - Stronger In The Broken Places

Mark Harris - Stronger In The Broken Places
Artist:Mark Harris
Title:Stronger In The Broken Places
Description:It's a new season in Mark Harris' life, after years on the road with 4Him, Mark found himself with the opportunity to invest in those around him & to learn from others with markedly different callings in their lives. "Being at home, investing in my family & the community meant that I was able to slow down enough & hear the Lord speaking to me says Mark. I felt the Holy Spirit ushering me & my music in to this totally different season."
Songs: 1.All Things New 2.Never Ending Song 3.Stronger In The Broken Places 4.Maker Of The Day 5.Forgiven Forever 6.Heavens Sweet Forever 7.Fearless 8.Life Wins 9.We Will Not Forget 10.An Offering 11.Cold Water
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Condition:Brand New