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Joel Engle - I Believe In You

Joel Engle - I Believe In You
Artist:Joel Engle
Title:I Believe In You
Description:I Believe In You embraces & proclaims the greatness & glory of God, his incomparable goodness & insurmountable power. The album is full of irresistible worship anthems that inspire a sense of awe towards God while engaging crowds to join in the praise. Engle also offers a few pride-piercing ballads that cut right to the heart of an Christian's daily struggle to live out their faith.
Songs: 1.I Believe In You 2.If I Don't Bring You Glory 3.Invincible Jo 4.Almighty God 5.O Great God 6.For Your Glory 7.You Are The Holy One 8.First Love 9.King Of Glory 10.Land Of The Living 11.Nothing Left Of Me 12.Your Love Reigns 13.Capture Me Again
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Condition:Shrink Wrap