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VeggieTales - Boyz In The Sink CD

VeggieTales - Boyz In The Sink CD
Title:Boyz In The Sink CD
Description:The popular VeggieTales boy band first introduced in The Ballad of Little Joe is back with their debut album Boyz in the Sink: Live from Paducah. Beloved by fans for their "Belly Button" song, Boyz in the Sink have decided to produce their very first full-length album with special guest Kirk Franklin! The album features cool new songs as well as funky re-mixes of Veggie fan favorites.
Songs: 1.Boyz In The Sink 2.Bigger Than The Boogie Man 3.The B-O-Y-Z Dance 4.Belly Button 5.The Hairbrush Song 6.Do The Moo Shoo 7.My Day 8.The Funky Polka 9.Cheeseburger 10.Oh No! What We Gonna Do? 11.I Can Be Your Friend
Price: $12.00
Condition:Brand New