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Aaron Keyes - Dwell

Aaron Keyes - Dwell
Artist:Aaron Keyes
Description:Worship pastor & music minister at Grace Fellowship Church, Aaron Keyes takes his original compositions to the stage weekly in full worship context. With Dwell, Aaron gathers his most powerful & impacting songs on one album. From tender worship to driving modern anthems, Keyes leads you through life-changing worship.
Songs: 1.O My Soul 2.I Am Not The Same 3.Sovereign Over Us 4.Song Of Moses 5.Dwell 6.In The Name Of God 7.Only Just Begun 8.Sinless Savior 9.Life Without My God 10.Raised Me Up 11.Every Knee Will Bow Down 12.Hope Is Dawning 13.Lavish Your Love
Price: $10.00
Condition:Brand New