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Manafest - Live In Concert CD & DVD

Manafest - Live In Concert CD & DVD
Title:Live In Concert CD & DVD
Description:Join Toronto native Manafest for an explosive live concert! Blending Christ-centered rhymes with hiphop & rock styles, this high-energy CD/DVD set includes twelve slammin' live tracks from his four major albums plus the full concert video, behind-the-scenes & more.
Songs: 1.Avalanche 2.4-3-2-1 3.Top Of The World 4.No Plan B 5.Bounce 6.Impossible 7.Bring The Ruckus 8.Fear 9.Everytime You Run 10.Renegade 11.Fire In The Kitchen 12.The Chase
Media:CD & DVD
Price: $15.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap