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Owl City - All Things Bright & Beautiful

Owl City  - All Things Bright & Beautiful
Artist:Owl City
Title:All Things Bright & Beautiful
Description:After overnight success, Adam Young a.k.a. Owl City went from small town part-timer to quadruple-platinum national act with his unique brand of glimmering electropop & whimsical lyricism. Through viral videos, the former warehouse worker connected with legions of fans on a meaningful level, bringing his sunny outlook & well-polished style to a new generation. Owl City's second major label release recaptures that spirit of wonder & amazement on 12 brand new compositions.
Songs: 1.The Real World 2.Deer In The Headlights 3.Angels 4.Dreams Don't Turn To Dust 5.Honey & The Bee 6.Kamikaze 7.January 28 1986 8.Galaxies 9.Hospital Flowers 10.Alligator Sky 11.The Yacht Club 12.Plant Life 13.Alligator Sky
Price: $12.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap