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Flame - Captured

Description:Flame takes you on a journey from what its like to be captured from birth to childhood to adulthood & then throughout your Christian journey. Flame shares many personal stories of how God captured him & is continuing to capture him. He also gives a glimpse of how he & all the saints will eventually be captured once & for all in the presence of God. This album is a plea & a call for God's created people & His children to follow hard after God & to cling to Him. Who or what has captured you?
Songs: 1.Recaptured 2.Surrender 3.Power 4.Nonsense 5.Alive 6.All I Need 7.Move 8.Put On 9.Double Back 10.Captured Me 11.Daniel 10 12.Tonight (All Of Me)
Released:2010-12-28 00:00:00.0
Price: 12.0
Condition:Shrink Wrap