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Michael W. Smith - Wonder

Michael W. Smith - Wonder
Artist:Michael W. Smith
Description:Michael W. Smith begins a new decade by delivering the most powerful & personal album of his career, all while living out his faith with the unsurpassed energy & passion that defines him as a man. On this new project, Smith struggles with the disparities of life in the modern age: hope & hardship, confusion & confidence, desperation & dedication. Yet, through it all, he emits a musical & lyrical sense of possibility.
Songs: 1.Save Me From Myself 2.Take My Breath Away 3.Run To You 4.I'll Wait For You 5.Forever Yours 6.Welcome Home 7.Wonder (Not Far Away) 8.Rise 9.You Belong To Me 10.Leave 11.One More Time 12.Take Me Over
Price: $13.00
Condition:Brand New