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Lakewood & Joel Osteen - Starting Your Best Life Now - Book

Lakewood & Joel Osteen - Starting Your Best Life Now - Book
Artist:Lakewood & Joel Osteen
Title:Starting Your Best Life Now - Book
Description:Bestselling author Joel Osteen directs his powerful message from Your Best Life Now to life's important seasons of change. Whether it's a graduation, marriage, or a career or job change, Starting Your Best Life Now is a primer for your most successful new beginning. In it, Joel helps you find meaning & joy in starting afresh with his 7 successful principles: 1. Enlarge your vision 2. Develop a healthy self-image 3. Discover the power of your thoughts & words 4. Let go of the past 5. Find strength through adversity 6. Live to give 7. Choose to be happy Joel walks you through each step with inspiring quotes & scripture about new beginnings. With this guide, your journey to a brighter future can start today! 128 Pages
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Condition:Brand New