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DVD'S - Movies - Documentary - The Penny DVD

DVD'S - Movies - Documentary - The Penny DVD
Artist:DVD'S - Movies - Documentary
Title:The Penny DVD
Description:Six Lives - One Coin. Jack Carter, a former police officer, lost his partner in a shooting 10 years earlier. Little does he know that his past & present lives are about to come crashing together all because of one little penny. When Jack's life intersects with 5 other people who also come in contact with the same ordinary coin, is God's providence at work, or is it merely a surprising twist of fate? Everyday problems overshadow the gradual intersection of the character's paths, until a sudden event causes these six lives to converge in unexpected & thrilling ways. A moving drama about mistaking fate for faith, The Penny encourages viewers to look beyond the surface of the seemingly insignificant events of life & examine how God's hand is actively involved in their lives. Also includes special features. Approx. 85 minutes. Region 0
Price: $17.00
Condition:Brand New