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Carlos Whitaker - Ragamuffin Soul

Carlos Whitaker - Ragamuffin Soul
Artist:Carlos Whitaker
Title:Ragamuffin Soul
Description:Singer, songwriter & worship leader Carlos Whitaker began his career in music at an early age, small spots in the choir soon led to compositions on the guitar. Now a worship leader, Whitaker offers his genre-smashing debut, Ragamuffin Soul. Musically, the album is a melting pot of styles where soul meets hip-hop, funk & worship, in the midst of an engaging set of glowing original songs.
Songs: 1.Rain It Down 2.Can't Start This Fight 3.God Of Second Chances 4.We Will Worship You 5.No Words 6.Because Of You 7.Shine On 8.Grace Already Won 9.Jesus Saves 10.In Your Presence 11.Your Name 12.We Will Dance
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Condition:Shrink Wrap