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Vicky Beeching - Eternity Invades

Vicky Beeching - Eternity Invades
Artist:Vicky Beeching
Title:Eternity Invades
Description:British native & Oxford theologian Vicky Beeching has been involved in worship ministry from an early age. Now this fresh face of modern worship brings an intellectual yet responsible voice to today's worship music. Her visceral sound is the new tone of the modern day church, evidenced on Eternity Invades, a thirteen-song selection of uplifting, worshipful songs.
Songs: 1.Salvation Day 2.Blessing And Honor 3.Deliverer 4.Breath Of God 5.Inhabit The Praise 6.Glory To God Forever 7.One Day 8.Break Our Hearts 9.Emmanuel 10.Refuge 11.Listening 12.Undivided Heart 13.The Wonder Of The Cross
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Condition:Shrink Wrap