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David Ruis - Live From The Loft CD/DVD

David Ruis - Live From The Loft CD/DVD
Artist:David Ruis
Title:Live From The Loft CD/DVD
Description:Recorded live in LA, this project features the powerful & passionate vocals of David Ruis. Live From The Loft is all about the beginning steps of an artistic & communal journey on an old path to places never before visited. The sounds & heart are the result of kingdom seekers finding each other & making music that reflects years of searching for something that will speak to the deep place beyond the sounds & rhythms.
Songs: 1.Fragrant Oil 2.(By Your) Blood 3.Spirit Is On Me 4.Amen 5.Selah 6.Arise & Shine 7.Justice 8.Rest In His Promise 9.Hold Me 10.Surrender 11.When Justice Shines 12.Other Side 13.Standing In The Light
Media:CD & DVD
Price: $9.00
Condition:Brand New