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Gaither - Gatlin Brothers - Pilgrimage CD

Gaither - Gatlin Brothers - Pilgrimage CD
Title:Gatlin Brothers - Pilgrimage CD
Description:Larry Gatlin is best-known for his '80s hits with the Gatlin Brothers, but prior to forming & leading that family trio, he enjoyed a successful solo career with occasional support from his brothers. Gatlin was born in Seminole, TX, in 1948 & raised on country gospel music. He & his brothers, Steve & Rudy, often sang together in church, as well as on local radio & television every once in a while; they also recorded an album for the small gospel label.
Songs: 1.Narrative - The Pilgrim I Never Had A Brother 2.Sweet Becky Walker 3.Penny Annie 4.Narrative - The Pilgrim My Own Personal Pilgrimage 5.Black Gold 6.Come Back To Texas 7.Handsome Young Gringo 8.Narrative - The Pilgrim Country Music Will Never Be the Same 9.Johnny Cash Is Dead (His House Burned Down) 10.I've Done Enough Dyin' Today 11.Narrative - The Pilgrim Now It's Our Turn 12.Say, Nashville -- Whadda Ya Say? 13.Narrative - The Pilgrim He Was There in Spirit 14.If I Ever See You Or Utah Again 15.He Bought Her Back 16.Americans, That's Who 17.Fill Me 18.Narrative - The Pilgrim Little Tin Cup
Genre(s):Gaither, Gospel
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