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Nichole Nordeman - Woven & Spun

Nichole Nordeman - Woven & Spun
Artist:Nichole Nordeman
Title:Woven & Spun
Description:Widely known for her thought provoking lyrics & organic songwriting, Female Vocalist of the Year Nichole Nordeman returns with her 3rd studio release, Woven & Spun. In the past Nichole's music focused on the unknown, the mysteries of God. On Woven & Spun her focus shifts to what IS known. In her own words, "God is good. He is holy. We are healed. His mercies are new. We are broken & small. We are fragile & frail & still He sees us just as we are & loves us even then.
Songs: 1.Holy 2.Mercies New 3.Healed 4.Legacy 5.I Am 6.In Your Eyes 7.Even Then 8.Never Loved You More 9.Take Me As I Am 10.Doxology 11.My Offering 12.Gratitude 13.Holy (Acoustic)
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Condition:Brand New