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Grits - Dichotomy A

Grits - Dichotomy A
Title:Dichotomy A
Description:After the success of their last smash The Art of Translation, the Grits are back with part 1 of a double album 'Dichotomy A'. On their 5th major release, Bonafide & Coffee return with more of the same intelligent & well spoken rhymes, but with a focus on relaxing, winding down, taking a time out with God.
Songs: 1.Hittin' Curves 2.Bobbin' Bouncin' 3.I Be 4.Anybody 5.Pardon Me Yo 6.High 7.Get Down 8.Where R U Going? 9.Mind Blowin' 10.Shawty 11.Gutter Boy 12.Sunshine
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