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Kids - Melody Carlson - Chloe - My Name Is Chloe

Kids  - Melody Carlson - Chloe - My Name Is Chloe
Title:Melody Carlson - Chloe - My Name Is Chloe
Description:Josh Miller's kid sister, Chloe, is not your average teen. To some, she's a frustrated rebel; to others, a free-spirited freak. Chloe has questions & doubts that take you places most people never think to the local cemetery. After a personal encounter with God, on His terms, at last, she surrenders her will & her heart to Him, then sets out on a spiritual mission. Guitar in hand, Chloe finds music is the conduit for the deep feelings that pulse through her soul & forms the girl band Redemption. Yet even for a follower of Christ, life never plays in perfect harmony. Join Chloe at the beginning of a wild ride to stardom in the Christian music industry, a place where life is unpredictable & only God knows what kind of twists & turns await you on the road ahead. 288 pages. Softcover
Price: $7.00
Condition:Brand New