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Kids - Melody Carlson - Caitlin - On My Own

Kids  - Melody Carlson - Caitlin - On My Own
Title:Melody Carlson - Caitlin - On My Own
Description:Welcome to college. An avalanche of emotion hits Caitlin O'Conner as she lands on campus & begins to realize she's not in high school anymore & the rules in this corm deal are different, to be sure. Buried in coursework & far form her best friend Beanie & the kids she grew up with, Caitlin must cope with her new roommate's bad attitude, manic music & sleazy social life, Should she have chosen a Bible college like Josh? Maybe...but how to survive the year ahead is the big question right now! Hang with the frazzled freshman for a year & see how Caitlin handles her transition from home to On My Own. 263 pages. Softcover
Price: $7.00
Condition:Brand New