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Kids - Melody Carlson - Chloe - Sold Out

Kids  - Melody Carlson - Chloe - Sold Out
Title:Melody Carlson - Chloe - Sold Out
Description:Former social outcasts Miller, Allie & Laura are stoked when a talent scout from Nashville spots their all-girl garage band at a local gig & Redemption is sky-rocketed to contemporary Christian pop stardom. But they find out fast: Fame come with a price tag. People aren't acting normal. Suddenly everyone wants to be their friend. Clashes at school & with family members start spiraling out of control. So how do we know who is who, Lord Chloe cries out in her journal. It is feeling, faith, or fact? Give me discernment! Exhilarated yet frustrated, Chloe puts her dream in God's hands & prays for Him to work out the details. Can the band, or their friendship, survive this? God only knows. 282 pages, includes discussion questions.
Price: $7.00
Condition:Brand New