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Matt Maher - Alive Again

Matt Maher - Alive Again
Artist:Matt Maher
Title:Alive Again
Description:Alive Again captures the penetrating spirit & charisma Matt's worship songs have become known for in a live setting. This compelling, 12-track journey he hopes will lead people, 'back to their own hearts' & 'prompt listeners to stop & ask some tough questions about who they are & where they are letting God maneuver in their hearts.'
Songs: 1.Alive Again 2.Shout Of The King 3.Sing Over Your Children 4.Hold Us Together 5.No Greater Love 6.Love Comes Down 7.Flesh & Bone 8.Remembrance (Communion Song) 9.Letting Go 10.You Were On The Cross 11.Christ Is Risen 12.Garden
Price: $12.00
Condition:Brand New