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Sleeping Giant - Sons Of Thunder

Sleeping Giant - Sons Of Thunder
Artist:Sleeping Giant
Title:Sons Of Thunder
Description:Sleeping Giant charged onto the Southern California scene with their bold & powerful live shows, where in addition to being entranced by ominous guitars, crowds are met with burning passion from articulate front man Thom Green. The sincerity behind the words that pour out from Green's mouth is deeply rooted in the band's unwavering love for their fellow man. The underground swell of hype for this band has risen up & this new album is highly anticipated by devoted fans worldwide.
Songs: 1.Gang Signs 2.No One Leaves This Room Sick 3.Sons Of Thunder 4.Descending Into Hell 5.The Streets Don't Lie 6.The Army Of The Chosen One 7.I've Seen 8.Confession 9.He Will Reign
Price: $10.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap