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Kids - Faithgirlz! Nancy Rue - Sophie Breaks The Code

Kids  - Faithgirlz! Nancy Rue - Sophie Breaks The Code
Title:Faithgirlz! Nancy Rue - Sophie Breaks The Code
Description:Sophie's learning about medieval codes of honor in 7th grade honors class, & in life. Sophie's shaved her head to empathize with a gravely ill friend, but negative assumptions & cruel teasing have her trying to deflect the attention with humor & wisecracking always seems to land her in trouble! In the meantime, Sophie takes action to prevent another of the Pops' mean schemes, but to do so, she lies about her friends & loses them as a result. When she finally understands the true intention of a code of honor, Sophie learns another absolute truth: God expects us to be completely honest, especially with ourselves. But if we fail, He forgives us. When Sophie comes clean, her best friends come around. She thwarts the Pops & gains the respect of their teachers, too. Softcover, 128 pages.
Price: $6.00
Condition:Brand New