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Survivor - In Spirit & In Truth DVD

Survivor - In Spirit & In Truth DVD
Title:In Spirit & In Truth DVD
Description:This DVD takes you on a journey like no other, we let the cameras roam where they liked, getting hold of exclusive interviews & backstage footage on top of great Bible teaching & worship music. The documentary catches the awesome atmosphere of thousands gathered to praise God in the main meetings & delves into the core of the event through interviews with delegates & leaders. But there 's so much more to Soul Survivor. From the cafes to the Art Shed, from the gigs venue to the sports field, the In Spirit & In Truth DVD captures the heart of Soul Survivor like no other. What are you waiting for? Bonus features include talks from Mike Pilavachi, Ali MacInnes & Andrew Croft, extended interviews with Tim Hughes, Mike Pilavachi, Lex Buckley & Rev. Graham Cray. REGION 0
Price: $7.00
Condition:Brand New