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Day Of Fire - Losing All

Day Of Fire - Losing All
Artist:Day Of Fire
Title:Losing All
Description:Losing All, the Day of Fire's 3rd album release, is chock full of emotional, sludgy rock with a powerful message. "We have something to say. It's about (His) Love," says frontman Josh Brown. "We all go through dark times, but we can go through them together - that's what rock & roll is about to me."
Songs: 1.Light Em Up 2.Hello Heartache 3.When I See You 4.Airplane 5.Lately 6.Cold Addiction 7.Landslide 8.Never Goodbye 9.Hey You 10.We Are No One 11.Long Highway 12.Strange 13.The Dark Hills
Price: $14.00
Condition:Brand New