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Lanae Hale - Back & Forth

Lanae Hale - Back & Forth
Artist:Lanae Hale
Title:Back & Forth
Description:The 24-year-old Florida transplant is one of the freshest talents to emerge on the scene for years. Every track is energetic, well produced with passionate lyrics. Some songs reflect the psalm-like intensity of a journey through the darker moments of life, while others celebrate the freedom, hope & redemption that ultimately follows.
Songs: 1.Back & Forth 2.Beautiful Things 3.Here's My Heart 4.Burning Heartbeats 5.Let's Grow Old Together 6.It's Over 7.If I'm Broken 8.Here's To The Girls 9.Estranged 10.Headed Home 11.Don't Cry 12.Break My Fall 13.Quiet Place
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Condition:Brand New