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Hillsong United - Across The Earth - Tear Down The Walls

Hillsong United - Across The Earth - Tear Down The Walls
Artist:Hillsong United
Title:Across The Earth - Tear Down The Walls
Description:* * * * A small forewarning, the packaging of this CD is a little unorthodox, being that you have to tear or cut open the CD case to get to the CD & there is no booklet with it. Not quite sure why they did this? * * * * There's a generation across the earth who are being awakened to real love & who are starting to walk in it. Rising up with hearts as one; our value nailed to a cross that we would find value in the broken & the hurting & the lost. Hillsong United seeks to give voice to this generation. Birthed & anchored in the youth movement of Hillsong church, UNITED is about seeing a generation encounter God in a way that changes us from the inside out; so that together we can change our world.
Songs: 1.Freedom Is Here 2.No Reason To Hide 3.More Than Anything 4.King Of All Days 5.Desert Song 6.Oh You Bring 7.Tear Down The Walls 8.Soon 9.You Hold Me Now 10.Arms Open Wide 11.Your Name High 12.Yours Forever
Price: $17.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap