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Mark Cullen - Mercy Kissed

Mark Cullen - Mercy Kissed
Artist:Mark Cullen
Title:Mercy Kissed
Description:Mark's outstanding debut & is both a work of art & a work of heart, infused with passion. The expression of worship on this album springs from the awareness of the mystery & wonder of grace. We have a God who is awesome & transcendent, yet wants to be known intimately. A God who is so magnificently powerful & at the same time so passionate about people that He goes to extreme lengths to provide for us to have friendship with Him. He has reached out to us, we've been Mercy Kissed, what will our response be?
Songs: 1.Falling At Your Feet 2.Sing Of Your Love 3.Learning To Say 4.Open My Eyes 5.Into Your Mercy 6.Grace 7.Touch 8.Lost For Words 9.Sing Over Me 10.Steal Away 11.Amazed 12.Wider Than The Oceans 13.On The Wing
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Condition:Brand New