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Showbread - Age Of Reptiles + Free CD

Showbread - Age Of Reptiles + Free CD
Title:Age Of Reptiles + Free CD
Description:Age of Reptiles takes Showbread's "raw rock" style to the next level, with 10 tracks of frenzied guitars, keytar grooves & hard modern rock. *****ALSO INCLUDES A FREE ALBUM!! 'Showbread - Anorexia'***
Songs: 1.Naked Lunch 2.Pachycephalosaurus 3.Your Owls Are Hooting 4.Oh! Emetophobia 5.Sing Me To Sleep 6.George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding 7.Centipede Sisters 8.The Jesus Lizard 9.Dinosaur Bones 10.Age Of Reptiles
Price: $7.00 (on special, normally $10.00 )
Condition:Shrink Wrap