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Revive - Chorus Of The Saints

Title:Chorus Of The Saints
Description:Chock full of chunky riffs, energizing rock & lyrics of faith & devotion, this album puts Australian quartet Revive squarely on the Christian music map. The 12 song album kicks off with the anthemic title track, followed by a solid set of soaring ballads & driving rock numbers.
Songs: 1.Chorus Of The Saints 2.Can't Change Yesterday 3.The Truth Is 4.You Know (With Mac Powell) 5.Don't Look Anywhere Else 6.You're All I Need 7.Stay 8.Distant Memories 9.Sit With Me 10.Power 11.Wonder Why 12.Promise Of Tomorrow
Released:2009-03-10 00:00:00.0
Price: 12.0
Condition:Shrink Wrap