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Roma Waterman - Fearless Courage

Roma Waterman - Fearless Courage
Artist:Roma Waterman
Title:Fearless Courage
Description:Roma is one of Australia's most experienced, talented & respected solo performers. Her brand new album is an absolute gem, Roma has supported artists such as DC Talk, David Meece & The Newsboys, as well as headlining her own national tours. This is a very personal album, a collection of 10 acoustic songs that have come from deep inside Roma's soul.
Songs: 1.If God 2.Delightful 3.More Than Ice-Cream 4.Favourite Things 5.King Of Humans 6.Salt In My Eyes 7.Poor Mans Clothes 8.I Can Be Found 9.Hurt The Ones You Love 10.Tigers
Price: $5.00
Condition:Brand New