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Myron Butler & Levi - Stronger DVD

Myron Butler & Levi  - Stronger DVD
Artist:Myron Butler & Levi
Title:Stronger DVD
Description:After learning his trade in the Dallas Fort Worth Choir & having worked with & along side Kirk Franklin you would expect Myron to know how to make good music & this won't disappoint you. Myron's style is soulful & rooted in traditional gospel with a little hip-hop influence. Although this is only his second solo release there is a class to both Butler's singing & his songwriting that would make you believe that he's been effortlessly doing this for years. Also includes bonus features. All Regions
Songs: 1.I Can 2.That Place 3.Redeemed 4.Unrestrained 5.Jesus Saves 6.Everything 7.I Need More Of You 8.I Live 9.Set Me Free 10.Stronger
Price: $12.00
Condition:Brand New