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Seventh Day Slumber - Picking Up The Pieces

Seventh Day Slumber - Picking Up The Pieces
Artist:Seventh Day Slumber
Title:Picking Up The Pieces
Description:With a combination of their driving, in-your-face rock style & passionate, life-reflective lyrics, Seventh Day Slumber's debut release promises to become a fan favorite & highlight of any rock listener's collection.
Songs: 1.I Know 2.Candy 3.My Struggle 4.Running Away 5.Spiraling 6.Innocence 7.More 8.Picking Up The Pieces 9.Something 10.When The Children Cry 11.Out Of Time 12.Miracle 13.I Wanna To Believe 14.Matthew 25 15.Blindman 16.Here With You
Price: $10.00
Condition:Brand New