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Ten Shekel Shirt - Jubilee

Ten Shekel Shirt - Jubilee
Artist:Ten Shekel Shirt
Description:TSS is a band with a message of Hope. Lamont Hiebert has watched as his songs have impacted listeners, but sometimes actions speak louder than words, & after hearing reports about child slavery, Lamont had a life altering experience when he witnessed the sale of children first-hand. Not content to simply write songs about the issue, Lamont co-founded the organization Love146 which has quickly gained national recognition for their work. Lamont's experiences are at the heart of many of the songs on the new album.
Songs: 1.Jubilee 2.Surprised 3.Fragile 4.Spark 5.Higher Ground 6.En Garde 7.Wartime Lullaby 8.Love From A Lesser God 9.You Rescue 10.Daylight 11.It's Slavery
Price: $12.00
Condition:Brand New