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Sho Baraka - Turn My Life Up

Sho Baraka - Turn My Life Up
Artist:Sho Baraka
Title:Turn My Life Up
Description:Sho was brought up in South California where he met hip-hop at a young age & found redemption in both education & Jesus from the streets at college. The life of faith is given musical expression on different levels through the album. Sho encourages us that "We are the boombox of heaven, we live by different beat - loving God & loving our brother".
Songs: 1.Turn My Life Up 2.Interlude The Calling 3.Music Of Life 4.Overrated 5.Rebuild The City 6.Maranatha 7.Saint 8.Great Day II Die 9.Catch Me At The Brook 10.Higher Love 11.Slow It Down 12.Oh My Lord 13.Love Of My Life 14.100 15.God Is Like/Who Is Like God 16.Rescue Me-You Are My Everything 17.Be Scientific
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