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Youth Alive - Shout Your Glory

Youth Alive - Shout Your Glory
Artist:Youth Alive
Title:Shout Your Glory
Description:Youth Alive bursts back on the music scene with an award-winning album that screams for the attention of praise & worship afficianados & new-comers alike. Nestled somewhere between Hillsong United & Linkin Park, the guys from Youth Alive Western Australia have pumped out a swag of powerful praise-&-worship tracks, as well as gaining plenty of secular attention for their rap-core songs.
Songs: 1.Crazy 2.Take Over 3.Rescue 4.How Much 5.Shout Your Glory 6.Anyway 7.Surrender 8.Living For You 9.J.E.S.U.S 10.Follow 11.All Day
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Condition:Brand New