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Stryper - 7 - The Best Of Stryper

Stryper - 7 - The Best Of Stryper
Title:7 - The Best Of Stryper
Description:Though they enjoyed a modicum of crossover success in the spandex & big hair 80s, Stryper stayed true to their Christian roots with positive lyrics about faith & life. This best-of collection includes the brightest moments from their previous recordings, as well as 2 heretofore unreleased songs.
Songs: 1.Something 2.For You 3.Shining Star 4.Lady 5.All For One 6.In God We Trust 7.Always There For You 8.To Hell With The Devil 9.Calling On You 10.Free 11.Honesty 12.The Way 13.Soldiers Under Command 14.Makes Me Wanna Sing 15.Reach Out 16.From Wrong To Right 17.Loving You 18.Believe
Price: $15.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap