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Abundant Life Church - Give My All (RPM)

Abundant Life Church - Give My All (RPM)

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Artist:Abundant Life Church
Title:Give My All (RPM)
Description:Rocknations is the youth ministry of Abundant Life Church in Bradford & this album is live worship from their Youth Conference in August. RPM are the Rocknations house band & lean towards a high energy punk style. The songs are full of catchy hooks & sing-along choruses & they seem quite perfect for their target audience. The short DVD gives a brief behind the scenes look at the group & allows multi-angle views of the 4 songs.
Songs: 1.Songs Of Ascension 2.Now Or Never 3.Give My All 4.Greatest Of All 5.Fire 6.New Creation 7.Get God Known 8.Thank You For The Cross 9.More Like You 10.Addicted To Jesus 11.Why We Live

12.Bonus DVD Included

Media:CD & DVD
Price: $6.00
Condition:Brand New